October 24, Saturday, End of Week Two of Locum Tenens-

Are you ready for more?? There’s no stopping this Wanderer! I finished 5 days of work and then hopped onto the TranzAlpine TrailWay to the West Coast of the South Island- Christchurch to Greymouth. Three day weekend!


This train stops in Darfield after leaving Christchurch, so I hopped on the train about 9am!

me waiting for train…..

Arthur’s Pass is a peak point in the Southern Alps midway.

I rode in the “fancy car” so had breakfast, lunch, pastries, etc! For those of you who reminded me that baby sheep are lamb- I knew that- but when you hear them crying, it’s easier to call them babies (after you have had “lamb” to eat every other day). Wine was poured generously on the train before hopping off to find a rental car. EEEK! No, it wasn’t that bad. Hertz to the rescue.

doesn’t seem that high of an altitude?
lamb salad and gorgeous train views

Once in Greymouth I had to wait in line for my car so bought a few gifts at the gift shop- lamb socks for AJ, New. Zealand socks for Jack. Cute.

I took off in my Toyota Camry down highway 6 to Kapitea Lodge. The Lodge is a magical little jewel! My room points out so the ocean can be seen out both sides. And the little deck is a dream.

Although I was tired from day-drinking, I rallied into Hokitika. It is a sweet beach town nestled by mountains and ocean.

entrance to my hotel, Hokitika Beach
Rocks I liked but left :(

I found some wine and fish + chips and wound my way back to the lodge — missed the entrance only once! Darn GPS.

The day’s final highlight was the evening at Kapitea Lodge. Drinking wine sitting outside with the very the active bird songs was harmonic and magical. As the sun set, the birds got louder. So amazing! I can’t put videos on this site so text me if you are interested to listening to the birds. My first official sunset to witness in New Zealand!

Tomorrow will be hiking Hokitika Gorge after a complementary breakfast.

I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

pics from my deck
sneaky photographer
Starting the next day off right before hiking Hokitika Gorge in the rain
why is the water turquoise?
NOT a Kiwi bird…
True to form, I leave the Park backwards

After leaving Hokitika Gorge, I drove into Hokitika town again, had a nice lunch at a cafe called the Kitchen, and shopped around town a bit. I then decided to push myself despite the drizzly weather to drive up the coast above Greymouth to the famous Pancake Rocks. The drive reminded me of driving up Highway 1 after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Narrow and curvy and on a cliff. Intense. But worth it!

They make possum clothing here, sooo… Pretty Hokitika church!

One and a half hours later….

Glad they had this sign up for me.
I’ve got this driving down…

Time to go home — big day!

The next day in driving rain I dropped off the rental car and had another delightful trip back on the TranzAlpine Train to Darfield. It was a great trip!!

Back to work!

Noho ora mai ~





Family Physician in New Zealand as locum tenens doctor

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Lynn Price

Lynn Price

Family Physician in New Zealand as locum tenens doctor

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